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Hardfacing Process for Powder Welding by 

Stoody JS-100 Puddle Torch


The various grades of Nickel Alloy Powder may readily be applied to carbon steel, alloy and stainless steels, monel, nickel and cobalt base alloys as well as cast iron. There is no problem with the deposit cracking when used on steels of high hardenability. These alloys cannot be applied to copper, brass, bronze or aluminum and may require special precautions if used on some other metals.

To prepare the parts for surfacing, they must first be cleaned of all dirt, rust, scale, oil or paint and then machined or ground smooth. All sharp edges and corners should be chamfered or radiused.

Nickel Alloy Powders are applied with advanced “Stoody” Powder Welding Torch available with us. After adjusting the torch to a netural flame with the powder feed lever fully depressed, the nickel alloy powder is sprayed on to preheated area and then fused or puddle into the base metal to coat a section. More powder is then alternatively deposited and fused and fused until the desired thickness is built up or the entire area is completely coated.

These alloys will not respond to heat treatment. They cannot be hardened, tempered or annealed. All deposits can be finished by grinding while softer graded can be machined or shaped, with some difficulty , by hand with files.  



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