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 Hi-Tech Bolt Securing Washers

Is vibration loosening of Nuts and Bolts fitted in machinery worrying you, damaging valuable machineries, hampering manufacturing process and indirectly eating away profit of your company?

We have with us immediate international tested and approved solution for this Vibration Loosening of Nuts and Bolts problems.

Specially designed, fabricated and manufactured Bolt Securing System (Washers) stops completely Vibration Loosening of Nuts and Bolts.

This Bolt Securing Washers are scientifically tested in laboratory and on field and found that it works far better than ordinary spring washers, serrated washer and other conventional methods being used conventionally.

These washers are available in various sizes from M3 to M42 of Stainless Steel, Electro Zinc Plated Yellow Chromated Glued and Zinc Flake Coated to meet various kind types of customerís requirement.

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