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Cobalt Base Bare Rods 

Cobalt base alloys are popularly known as “Stellites” are used as corrosion and oxidation resistance coatings on various applications. The coatings are applied by TIG, and Oxy – Acetylene welding processes. Stellite deposits hardness varies from 27 HRC (Alloy 21) to 62 HRC (Alloy 190).

Cobalt Base Bare Rods (Stellite) provides resistance to many forms of chemical and mechanical degradation over a wide temperature range. Particular properties are its outstanding anti-galling properties, high temperature hardness and high resistance to cavitation erosion that results in its wide use. It bond well to all weldable grade steels and stainless.  

All our Cobalt Base Bare Rods are specially formulated to resist a wide range of hostile environments including abrasion, corrosion, galling, oxidation and erosion. They are able to maintain their hardness at tempratures of upto 1500oF (800oC) and have been proven to be useful in industries ranging from aerospace to petrochemical.

Our Rods are produced using state-of-the-art computer controlled horizontal continuous casting systems. Available in wide range of lengths and diameters. The rods are produced in both standard and customized compositions to meet your specific wear requirements.  

We keep regular and large stock of #1, # 6, # 12, #21 grades of Cobalt Base Bare Rods in different diameters and lengths. We also can arrange supply of other grades of Cobalt Base Bare Rods on your request.  

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