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Nickel Alloy Powders



Nominal Chemistry

Typical Deposit Hardness (HRC)





2.5Si, 1.5B, Bal. Ni

16 to 23





2.8Si, 1.6B, Bal. Ni

22 to 28





3.1Si, 1.7B, Bal. Ni

26 to 32





9Cr, 2.8Si, 2.9 Fe, 1.5B, Bal. Ni

33 to 40





12.5Cr, 3.8Si, 3.9 Fe, 2.4B, Bal. Ni

48 to 50





13.5Cr, 4.2Si, 4.3 Fe, 3.0B, Bal. Ni

55 to 60


This Family of Nickel Base Puddle Torch Metal Surfacing Powders has a nominal hardness varying from HRC 16 to HRC 60 based upon chemical composition. The 202P, 252P and 302P grades are alloys with lower hardness (HRC 16 to 32) and good machinability. They are predominantly used in glass and foundry industries. The harder materials, 402P, 502P and 602P are designed for surfacing applications where a higher hardness or abrasion resistance is required. All of these powders are applied with handheld puddle torch. All of the grades have good corrossion resistance. 

These Puddle torch powders may radily be applied to carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel, monel, nickel and cobalt base alloy as well as cast iron. There is no problem with the deposit cracking when used on steels of high hardenability. These alloys cannot be applied to copper, brass, bronze or aluminium and may require special precautions if used on some other metals. 

Procedure to use Nickel Alloy Powder




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