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 Hardfacing Technique Simplified


The Hardfacing Technology:

Hardfacing is the process by which a wear resistant hard surface is deposited onto a component by welding in order to increase its useful life. Hardfacing is carried out when equipment parts are to be subject to abrasion, corrosion or impact at room or elevated temperatures, in order to improve the part’s wear resistance, strength and hardness thus increasing efficiency. Moreover, hardfacing keeps the parts in better condition, reducing part replacement, power consumption, and equipment downtime costs.

 Cobalt and Nickel Base Alloys.

Proven to be most versatile of hardfacing alloys, cobalt and Nickel based alloys are specially formulated to resist a wide range of hostile environments including abrasion, corrosion, galling, oxidation and erosion, They are able to maintain their hardness at temperatures of up to 1500O F (800O C) and have been proven to be useful in industries ranging from aerospace to petro chemical.         

Wide range of applications :

The special properties of these compounds make them valuable across a wide range of Industrial Applications. The oil & petroleum, nuclear, plastics, steel and metal processing industries rely on them, as do glass bottle and ceramic manufacture. Quarrying, mining, earth-moving and construction, timber and the wood-pulp industry all find hardfacing alloys essential to their day to day equipment reliability and long term productivity.

 Nickel Base Puddle torch metal surfacing Powders:

Our different grades of Nickel Alloy Powder satisfy the application requirements of the customer using spray / fuse equipment. The precisely controlled particle distributions are designed for efficient results with the popular type of equipments. Each grade gives a specific narrow range of nominal hardness in fused deposit. Grades are available with hardness ranging from 16 HRC to 60 HRC.

All our Nickel Base Hardfacing powders are manufactured from high quality raw materials. These powders are designed with excellent spraying characteristics and bright, glassy slickups. Coatings are clean, dense and trouble – free. All powders assures surface hardness, high deposit efficiencies, resistance to heat and corrosion, uniform spray pattern and fusing response.  

 Cobalt Base Bare Rods (Stellite)

 Cobalt base alloys are popularly known as “Stellites” are used as corrosion and oxidation resistance coatings on various applications. The coatings are applied by TIG, and Oxy – Acetylene welding processes. Stellite deposits hardness varies from 27 HRC (Alloy 21) to 62 HRC (Alloy 190).  




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